Wedding planning: The importance of wedding insurance

When a couple starts wedding planning, the last thing they want to think about is what can go wrong. However, some weddings do not go off without a hitch, and in some cases it is better to be prepared, according to news channel KSDK-TV.

The average wedding costs around $25,000, and even if the bride- and groom-to-be find their ideal venue, catering and attire, there’s still room for error. If a couple has wedding insurance, they will be able to get at least some of their money back should something go amiss.

“We had a situation where a couple had put down a deposit on a venue in the country in Maryland,” Chantal Cyr of Travelers Insurance told the news source. “And a couple of months after a deposit was put down on a place, it went out of business. The wedding insurance was able to respond. They were able to recover their $9,000 deposit, which enabled them to continue on with their wedding plans and find a new location.”

Wedding insurance does not only cover a wedding venue, but a wide range of other possible issues including vandalism or weather-related problems. Even though these situations are unlikely for some, it may be advisable to get the insurance just in case.

In addition, this trend has been growing in popularity, according to news channel WBMA-TV. In fact, WedSafe reports a 60 percent increase since 2007.

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