Picking out the bridesmaid dress

Many brides are eager to try on a bunch of beautiful wedding dresses until they find their perfect gown. However, some brides-to-be have a tough time deciding which bridesmaid dress will be flattering on all of their closest friends.

The latest wedding trend has been brides picking out the basic structure but the bridesmaid is able to pick the exact style. More often than not, all of the bridesmaids will look a little different, some with halters, strapless or one-shoulder gowns.

“We get asked this question all the time,” said Kim Strauss, owner and founder of The Wedding Accessory Superstore in Phoenix. “There are so many manufacturers with so many styles, fabrics and colors that finding the perfect dress or dresses is not that difficult for bridesmaids. In fact it can be a really fun experience. The bride still chooses the manufacturer, the fabric, the length and the color. But it takes the stress off the bride of trying to please everyone, it allows each bridesmaid to spend money on a dress she likes and can wear again.”

This is a good idea as it ensures that everyone is comfortable, and that’s one less worry.

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