Roles are changing in the wedding party

It seems as though a number of couples are choosing to forgo tradition in favor of what they really want. For example, some women are serving as best man and vice versa. This is so those who are near and dear to the happy couple will be involved in the ceremony no matter what roles need to be changed.

According to The New York Times, roles are changing significantly within the bridal party, even coming down to men serving as the flower girl. Jen Fernando noted that she wanted her close friend Sean Hopkins to be a part of her wedding party. As a way to demonstrate how their relationship is, Fernando decided to make him the “flower fella.”

“She thought it was the perfect way to represent our friendship because it was totally our sense of humor,” Hopkins told the news provider. “When it had to be approved by the priest, I thought that would be it, but he was tickled by the idea.”

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it’s important to decide who will be in the bridal party early on so they can prepare for the honor.

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