Planning an outdoor wedding? Have a Plan B

Lots of brides dream of saying “I do” outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, but deciding to have your wedding outside can be nerve-wracking. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What if it rains?

The answer, Amy T. Wiegand of Carolina Bride writes for The Charlotte Observer, is to have a “Plan B.” If things don’t go quite like you planned on the morning of your big day, having a church, foyer or other indoor area where you can hold the ceremony will be crucial. “If you are planning any part of your event outdoors, you will either need to plan to do so at a venue that can accommodate you inside too if the weather changes, or you will need to talk to a tent rental specialist about tenting your location in the event of inclement weather,” writes Wiegand.

Even if a few rain drops do sprinkle your nuptials, Wiegand says not to worry. Remember – your wedding isn’t about the day, it’s about a marriage. While nobody wants rain on their metaphorical parade, your wedding is only one day in a lifetime together, so don’t put too much importance on everything going perfectly. We can promise you, there will be speedbumps in your wedding planning process, just like there will be speedbumps in your marriage.

But if you can handle the stresses of outdoor wedding planning, then we’re quite confident that your marriage will be able to weather any storm.

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