Three great movies every bride-to-be should watch

Whether you’re engaged, already married or still waiting for Prince Charming, every gal can enjoy a great flick about the magic and romance of marriage. If you’re feeling a little romantic lately and looking for a film to complement your mood, look no further than these three classic wedding movies that are guaranteed to put a smile in your face and a flutter in your heart.

The Princess Bride is a classic film that riffs on fairy tale themes while still managing to be a truly old-fashioned wedding story. Follow the brave Wesley as he works tirelessly to rescue his love, Princess Buttercup, from a betrothal she despises. Cary Elwes is impossible to resist as the charming Wesley, and the movie is full of enough surprises, romance and laughs to entertain the young and old alike. Plus, we dare you not to laugh when the minister with the speech impediment struggles to say “marriage.”

For another spin on the fairy tale, why not watch Ever After? This fun film stars Drew Barrymore as a modern update of Cinderella, who must overcome her evil stepmother and witchy stepsisters to marry the prince who truly loves her. When she walks into the ball in her beautiful fairy costume, who could resist getting butterflies? Full of adventure, comedy and love, this is one fairy tale that never gets old.

If you want to watch a wedding movie with your sweetheart, pick up Wedding Crashers. This raunchy wedding flick is about two young men who get their jollies crashing weddings and sleeping with vulnerable bridesmaids – but will they find true love at the end? We’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

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Do you have another movie that would be perfect for a bride-to-be? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  1. Another great movie to watch Bride Wars. How we all dream as little girls to have the dream wedding when our day comes, in our beautiful dress, best venue, gorgeous flowers, and having your best friend as your made of Honor. Great movie. This will keep you laughing what a bride to be will do to make her one day dream be the best day ever!

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