Be careful when choosing your wedding ceremony music

Most brides who are hoping to get hitched at a non-traditional affair often want to pick unique wedding ceremony music. You can only hear Wagner’s Wedding March so many times in your life! 

According to, brides should be careful when choosing songs to strut their stuff down the aisle. And, their first point of advice is to pick tunes that fit your instrumentalists well.

“Nontraditional songs can sound great on the instruments you’d least expect to play them (I once heard a harpist do ‘Something,’ by The Beatles, flawlessly!), or they can have the opposite effect,” the news source reports.

Also, women planning a wedding should be sure to give their musicians the pieces way ahead of time. That way, they can make sure what they play is perfect for your big day.

“If you’re short on time or they’re not willing to rehearse more than once, choose tunes in their repertoire. If not, their version of the song will be far from ideal,” an expert at the news outlet advised.

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