Wedding Planning: Old Traditions vs. New Trends

Some modern couples are forgoing the typical and turning to the spectacular to make their wedding truly an event to remember. Here, we’ve compiled a list of old wedding traditions and new twists that you can incorporate into your 2010 wedding.

Old Tradition: Matching wedding parties
Cookie-cutter dresses matching to a tee.

New Twist: Bridesmaid dresses of varying styles
Your friends have their own unique personalities, so why treat them like clones when it comes to their wedding attire? Today’s brides are encouraging their bridesmaids to choose their own individual dresses to complement their body type. To pull together a cohesive look for your wedding party, try different dress styles in the same fabric or color family.

Old Tradition: Wedding costs covered by the bride’s parents
Racking up exorbitant wedding bills? Just pass them along to good old mom and dad.

New Twist: Footing the bill yourselves
The average age of most wedding-planning couples is 27, which means many of them have established careers and can afford to take on much of the expenses themselves. However, parents are still contributing to wedding costs in some ways, but not in totality as years past. If you wish to have parents contribute to wedding costs , it’s important to sit down with both families early in the wedding planning process so that budget responsibilities can be settled.

To read more about 2011 wedding trends, visit the Perfect Wedding Guide Wedding Blog. You can also read about trends and ideas from across the country and around the world in our Wedding News section.

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