How many colors are too much?

Women planning a wedding often want to spice up their look with a splash or two of colors. But how many hues can a bride incorporate into her ensemble without it seeming too over-the-top?

One reader recently wrote into with a very specific conundrum. She wanted to show off yellow shoes and a bright pink bouquet, but didn’t want her look to seem too busy.

“It makes me sad when brides get so caught up in ‘rules’ that they forget to have fun. Yellow shoes are fun! And I think you should wear them, rules be damned,” writes an expert at the news outlet.

The writer goes on to broach the subject of her flowers.

“If your dress is on the shorter side, I’d do a white bouquet (I can see how pink and yellow might be distracting).  But if your dress is floor-length, I think I’d go with pink flowers,” the expert at the news source wrote.

Women in the midst of planning a huge affair may want to remember this when coordinating the smaller details. A wedding should be beautiful, but it’s also a time to relax and have a ball!

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