Are you headed to the altar sometime soon?

Are you headed to the altar?
Almost any girl who is seriously happy in her relationship is going to want her guy to put a ring on it. However, how is a woman to know if wedding planning is in her future?

Luckily, gave the inside scoop on how a woman can predict if she’s going to be a Mrs.

For starters, it’s likely your main squeeze is thinking about making you his bride if he mentions plans that include the two of you. “When your boyfriend says to you, ‘I’d like to have kids a few years after you finish your masters,’ he’s talking about a future with you,” the news source reports.

Another indication that your guy may be engagement ring shopping soon is if he begins his sentences with “when” instead of “if” when chatting about the years to come. This may show that he sees spending his life with only you.

Finally, the greatest factor that points to your sweetheart becoming your spouse one day is if you can imagine the two of you standing at the altar together. If you believe it, the engagement ring will come!

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