Should couples take photos before or after their ceremony?

Those headed to the altar often go to great lengths to find a wedding photographer they adore. Once a shutterbug is located, couples can relax, right?

Not so fast. In fact, brides tend to stress about one important facet of their affair – when to take group shots. And, it looks as though is a proponent of posing for photos before the affair begins.

“Get your pictures taken early, and it won’t matter all that much if someone spills something on your dress or your hairstyle gets a little loose [later on],” the news source reports.

The news provider also makes some additional points on the matter. Brides may enjoy partying with their loved ones sooner than expected, taking part in the cocktail hour, and allowing children to head to bed earlier in the evening.

Those who think they’ll be stressing on their big day can even take thing a step further. Brides and grooms may want to get dolled up with their wedding day wear and shoot their individual photos with their photographer weeks ahead of time.

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