Wedding Planning: Top Tips for Selecting a Honeymoon Destination

With so many amazing destinations to choose from… well, how do you go about choosing just one for your honeymoon? Just like wedding planning , without some guidelines to help you along, the decision can seem overwhelming. Here, we offer four key tips on how to choose a honeymoon destination that will be a perfect match!

Budget is not a bad word. What have you set aside to spend on your honeymoon? This may seem like the most obvious contributing factor in your decision making, with good reason. It will keep you from overspending, which could easily put a damper on your good time as well as add undue stress to the beginning of your marriage (nobody wants to come home to a staggering credit card bill).

A la carte or all-inclusive? Would you rather have free reign when it comes to accommodations, meals, mealtime, and activities? Or do you prefer going on auto-pilot and relinquish the majority of the control over these decisions? If you choose the latter, perhaps something like a cruise or an all-inclusive resort stay may be just what you’re after.

Big city lights or wilderness adventure? Are you seeking culinary, artistic, urban adventure or a quiet escape into natural surroundings? Oftentimes couples feel differently about what relaxes and rejuvenates them on a honeymoon or vacation. Have no worries, there are many options that offer the sophistication of city living and are located near pristine wilderness.

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