Prince William and Kate Middleton officially announce they will be planning a wedding

Some huge news to report from the UK – Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged!

While rumors about the possibility of the pair becoming betrothed have been rampant these past few weeks, the monarchy took the time to make an official announcement this morning.

“The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton. The wedding will take place in the spring or summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course,” the royal family said.

The statement also explained that Will popped the question while he and Kate were on a romantic jaunt in Kenya, and he also asked her father for her hand in marriage.

While the public will undoubtedly be hanging onto every detail as the two begin their wedding planning, others will be more concerned with Middleton’s gown. Scores of wedding dress designers are bound to be jumping through hoops in order to create something special for the future royal!

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