Wedding Catering: 10 Tips to Help You Save on Wedding Catering Costs

The money you spend on wedding catering is typically the most expensive part of the wedding budget. Very often, couples look for ways to save money on catering and still give their wedding guests a great party. Here are ten tips to help you trim your wedding catering budget:

  1. Know what your food and beverage budget is and share that number with prospective caterers. This will give them the opportunity to give you a proposal with the best menu(s) that you can afford.
  2. Limit the number of courses you serve. Stick with a salad and entrée and serve your wedding cake for dessert.
  3. Plan your wedding catering around breakfast, lunch or dessert. Meals at these times typically have smaller portions, so you will save money on food, and less alcohol is typically served, so you will save on bar costs.
  4. Shorten your cocktail hour to forty-five minutes and reduce the number of hors d’oeuvres that you serve. This will save money on both food and bar.
  5. Butler-pass your hors d’oeuvres rather than having stations. Your servers can control the speed with which your hors d’oeuvres are served so you can order less without running out.

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