Wedding trend for 2012 is all about personalization

It seems one of the common trends for the upcoming year is brides and grooms personalizing their wedding. Every aspect of the reception and ceremony is becoming a reflection of the couple who is tying the knot.

Brides are also taking their time before choosing a beautiful wedding dress to ensure they are certain they chose the right one.

“The trend for 2012 is all about personalization,” said designer Henry Roth. “When a woman chooses a dress, it’s truly a passionate, emotional and life-changing experience. By creating a one-on-one relationship between design-house and bride-to-be, we’re forging a personal connection that makes the whole experience that much more magical.”

Brides and grooms are shifting from the traditional aspects of a wedding and are making it more about themselves. More weddings will not feature old traditions if the couple does not feel connected to it in some way. This is also an effective way for those who are planning a wedding on a budget, as they are evaluating what they find necessary for their reception and ceremony.

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