May is in full swing! And we are SO ENJOYING it over here at Wedding Collective. After reminiscing on our big WedTalks event in last week’s New Mexico blog article, we are ready to dive into this week with celebrating a local Colorado wedding vendor new to our wedding collective community; but certainly not new to the wedding industry! Welcoming to our love-loving corner of the internet: Four O’Clock Events!

With over a decade of experience, Four O’Clock Events brings a whole lot more than just a love for wedding planning to the table. They offer a wealth of knowledge and creativity to each and every wedding celebration they help vision into life. Their team of experts have a keen ability to adapt their skills based on their clients; whether it’s an opulent multi-day affair for hundreds of guests or an intimate gathering at a small venue with cherished loved ones, Four O’Clock Events has an unwavering dedication to making each wedding dream come to live with unparalleled detail and flair.

Photo: Through Lindsey’s Lens

Brooke, the brains and operation behind Four O’Clock Events, has been in the wedding and event industry for a long time. And let us tell you; she knows what she’s doing! From working with various hotels, venues, and wedding planning companies, Brooke is truly a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Brooke has designed Four O’Clock Events so that couples feel they are supported. When the day of your wedding or engagement party (or any other wedding related celebration) arrives, Brooke and her team will be in charge of the details on the backend, that way you can fully ENJOY your experience!

Photo: Shanna M Photography

Four O’Clock Events has a reputation for maintaining an unwavering commitment to the couples that choose to work with them. Every wedding planning package includes UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION! Yes, you heard that right. Each client that hires Four O’Clock Events can rest assured they will feel supported and guided through every step of the wedding planning journey.

From the initial consultations to the final farewell, Four O’Clock Events’ team is there to provide compassionate expertise, wise advice, and reassurance, allowing couples to fully immerse themselves in the magic of their wedding day. Seriously… with Four O’Clock Events, wedding planning gets to be enjoyable and even FUN!

Four O’Clock Events offers a variety of packages to choose from, making it accessible for a variety of clients based on their needs, budget, and desires. They offer full service wedding planning, partial planning, and month-of wedding planning, so if you are looking for support with your last minute wedding, Four O’Clock Events is the place to go! They also offer specialty items, such as venue research assistance, 90-minute meetings, and wedding vendor research support.

Photo: Shanna M Photography

But listen; Four O’Clock Events is more than just a service provider. They’re storytellers who are innately skilled at weaving the intricate details of each couple’s love story into a seamless and unforgettable event. With a keen eye for design and a passion for creating personalized experiences, they will undoubtedly transform dreams into reality, leaving future married couples and their wedding guests alike with memories that will last lifetimes.

Here at Wedding Collective, and at Four O’Clock Events, we all understand how challenging wedding planning can be. From managing and tracking your budget to making sure you hire all the best wedding professionals, it can take lots of time and energy. And whether it’s navigating the complexities of logistics or curating the perfect ambiance at your wedding, Four O’Clock Events approaches every wedding with dedication, enthusiasm, and a touch of magic. For couples seeking a wedding experience that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary, Four O’Clock Events stands ready to turn wedding dreams into cherished memories.

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