The holiday season is in full swing, lovers! And on this very day, we find ourselves amidst the darkest day (and night) of the year. While winter solstice might mark the peak of darkness, our community at Wedding Collective certainly has plenty of light to share and celebrate in this wedding-loving corner of the internet.

Ahhh, yes, from gushing over New Mexico’s local love stories, to celebrating our outstanding community of wedding professionals, there is truly never a dull (or shall we say, dark) moment over here. So, we hope you have a lovely winter solstice cozied up by warm fires, and perhaps to bring an extra bit of light, you’ll enjoy exploring our endless wedding inspiration sourced by an endless selection of wedding blog posts!

Now, before we get into this week’s special wedding professional feature, let us take a moment to reeeeeally stress what a great roster of wedding vendors New Mexico is graced with.

Believe us, it’s necessary. New Mexico’s community of wedding experts is nothing short of phenomenal — dare we say amazing, never been done before, talented beyond words? Honestly, we speak for more than our team at Wedding Collective when we say that our collective of wedding vendors stands out like no other. From wedding caterers to wedding planners and designers, the quality offered in wedding services in New Mexico simply cannot be compared to anywhere else. We are so grateful!

Okay, okay—time to focus in on a wedding professional you truly didn’t realize you needed. And if you did, consider yourself ahead of the game!

Really, y’all, are you ready to take your wedding memories to the next level? Because 360 Memories has just the party favor for you!

This local New Mexico wedding professional is on the scene to redefine the way we capture and relive those special moments on our wedding day. They offer a technology that allows you and your wedding guests to take photos and videos on a 360 spinner (crazy, right?!).

Imagine a photo booth that doesn’t just freeze time but allows you to step back into it. That’s precisely what the 360 Memories photo booth offers! The experience begins as soon as you and your guests step in front of the camera. The attendant, included with every rental, ensures that everyone feels comfortable and guides them through the process of creating 360 photos and videos.

If you didn’t already gather, this 360-degree photo booth is a game-changer. It captures not just a snapshot but an entire scene, providing a more comprehensive and immersive representation of your wedding day. From the teary-eyed slow dances to the energetic dance floor, every aspect of your celebration can be encapsulated in a single frame.

360 Memories understands that every wedding is unique, and they offer two distinct packages to cater to your needs. Their Basic Package, spanning two hours, is perfect for intimate gatherings or those who want a taste of the immersive experience. For those seeking to fully immerse themselves and their guests, the Premium 360 Photo Booth Package, with a generous 4-hour duration, ensures that every magical moment is captured.

The beauty of 360 Memories lies not just in their state-of-the-art technology, but in the memories they help create. The photos and videos can be easily shared in the world, allowing your loved ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding to experience the joy, magic, and love from afar.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant chapters in your life, and 360 Memories is here to ensure that every moment is etched in time; not just in photos and videos but in a truly immersive experience that will be cherished for years to come. Elevate your wedding memories with 360 Memories and turn your special day into an unforgettable journey through the lens of innovation.

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