Wedding Stationery 101

Over the years, wedding stationery has become so much more than invitations. In fact, it includes a whole myriad of paper confections! From announcements to thank you cards, wedding stationery is a fun way to give your guests a glimpse into your wedding!

With the help of Statistic Brain, we’ve compiled a list of the most standard stationery items you’ll need for your big day! And to help you stay on budget, we’ve included the average cost for each item so you can plan ahead.

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Standard Wedding Stationery

  1. Engagement Announcements. Average Cost: $150 plus postage. Engagement announcements are completely optional. Perhaps if you have a lot of family from out of town it would be a good idea!
  1. Save the Dates. Average Cost: $125 plus postage. Save the dates are a nice heads up for your guests, especially for those who are extremely busy and plan ahead. They aren’t necessary, but a good courtesy.
  1. Invitations & Reply Cards. Average Cost: $255 plus postage. Obviously, this is the most important part of your stationery. You can probably get by without the other items, but the invitation sets the tone!
  1. Ceremony Programs. Average Cost: $110. Ceremony programs are not necessary, but can be a fun way for your guests to engage in your wedding by making it into a game or keepsake.
  1. Place Cards. Average Cost: $84. Depending if you have assigned seating or not, place cards could be replaced with table numbers or discarded all together.
  1. Menus. Average Cost: $119. Menus are not exactly necessary, but they do add an elegant touch, especially if your wedding is on the formal side or even farm-to-table style.
  1. Thank You Notes. Average Cost: $94 plus postage. Whatever you decide, thank you notes are a must! Just be sure to send them within a few weeks of receiving a gift. Wait any longer and it may be considered bad taste.

As always, the items you will need completely depend on your style. If your wedding is formal, chances are you will need these items and then some. But if you’re planning something a little more laid back, you  are probably safe to pick and choose the items that will suit your wedding best.

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  1. Remember cost really depends on how big your guest list is, the area you are getting your stationery in, type and style of the stationery that best suites you. Best way to find an average cost for your individual needs is to consult stationers in your area.

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