Tips to Get the Most Out of the Diamond Dash Wedding Show

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Besides, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it will be of great benefit to you to be prepared. See, a bridezilla awakens when a bride loses control of her wedding! But I have faith that won’t happen to any of you!

It just so happens, I have the prescription to keep a bridezilla from rearing its ugly head — Diamond Dash! Your local wedding show is the perfect place to start planning your wedding and get on the right track. Lucky for you, the Diamond Dash Wedding Show is this Sunday! And to help you get the most of the wedding show, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you in the right direction.

Diamond Dash Wedding Show

  1. Preregister – This is a no-brainer. Save time and money by preregistering here!
  2. Arrive Early – It’s been said, “The early bird gets the worm.” The same is true of a wedding show. Not only will you avoid lines, but you will be first to get all the goods! For exclusive wedding show access, join us for the First Look Wedding Lounge one hour before the show!
  3. Dress for Success – Oftentimes, weddings shows have countless vendors and if you’re not dressed accordingly, trekking through the many displays in heels can be tiresome, so be sure to wear tennies and comfy clothes! Besides, you might get a little messy if you get to dive into a wedding cake in search of FREE diamond jewelry!
  4. Energize – Although there will be lots of samples and goodies to go around, it’s a good idea to eat a little something before you go to make sure you have enough energy to get all the show has to offer.
  5. Bring Cash – It’s always a good idea to bring cash just in case vendors don’t accept credit cards at the show.
  6. Bag It! – There will be lots of freebies, so make sure to bring something like a tote bag or back pack to carry your stuff in.
  7. Pen and Page – A wedding show is a good place to network and get your plans off the ground. Bringing a notebook and pen will give you the tools to write down ideas and services from vendors and fellow brides.
  8. Create Labels – If you really want to be on top of everything, you may want to create labels with your name and contact info to fill out vendor info cards. Not only will this give you more time for all the fun stuff, but it will show vendors that you’re serious about your plans.
  9. Collaborate – You may want to bring your fiancé, a friend, or, if your you’re really brave, your soon-to-be mother-in-law! Sharing ideas with each other will help you stay on task and keep you from making decisions on impulse. If you choose to bring your mother-in-law, allowing her to be a part of the planning process will give you an opportunity to bond.
  10. Have Fun – Most of all, enjoy yourself! The organizers and vendors work hard to bring the very best the city has to offer so take advantage of the offers they present to you and have fun meeting new people!
Diamond Dash Wedding Show, Photo and Gown Via: Maggie Sottero
Diamond Dash Wedding Show, Gown & Photo Via: Maggie Sottero

And after you get your ideas flowing at the Diamond Dash Wedding Show, get organized with our online planning tools. Take a look at the post, She’s Making A List, and Checking It Twice to get started!

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