5 Trends on Their Way Out

Along with the top trends of the season, The Wedding Report also gave us the skinny on some not-so-hot trends that no longer make the cut. To help you on your planning adventure, we’ve compiled a list of five trends on their way out.

Chalk Effect Invitations

We all love chalk, it takes us back to our days of sidewalk chalk and hopscotch. Sadly, however, there is no longer a place for it on the wedding scene — at least when it comes to invitations. So, unless you want your invite to mimic a bistro menu, or worse, a grade school bulletin, the chalk effect has got to go!

All Green Wedding Pallet

While the all green wedding pallet is beautiful in a hunting, camouflage kind of way, 78% of brides would rather break up the sea of green with other hues to complement their wedding ambiance.

Potted Succulent Favors

Although they make for beautiful décor, succulents are not the best of favors. And if your guests are anything like me, they are probably succulent challenged. Give one as a favor and that potted, little plant will probably be tossed into the trash heap faster than you can toss your bouquet at the screaming mob of maidens fantasizing about marrying the best man!

Singing Performances

I don’t know about you, but I am happy this one is on the list! I have been to many a wedding and there is nothing more awkward than sitting through a tone-deaf singing performance. All the while, secretly wishing it was over as you nervously try not to look your fellow guest in the eye. On a personal note, however, the only exception is a mariachi band! (Insert “laugh-cry” here.)

Kiss the Second Look Wedding Dress Goodbye!

Let’s face it, the dress is one of the most important details — if not, the most important detail — of the wedding. Besides the free food, guests come to see the bride. Not to mention, this is one of the only days you get to dress like a princess without looking like a crazy person, so don’t waste it! Trust me, I’m still waiting for a good excuse to flaunt about in my gown for a second time!

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