The 8th Day of August {Alisha + Jonathan’s Magical Villa Hispana Wedding}

Weddings are absolutely GUSHING with emotion and once-in-a-lifetime moments, so much so that you always hear from newlyweds that their day flew by like a dream, a blur of pure happiness. This is exactly why we here at the PWG, firmly believe in the importance of hiring a skilled videographer to capture all of the small details of your momentous occasion.

Alisha + Jonathan were incredibly smart to enlist Brad Tillotson, owner of     A Contrast In Light, LLC to capture their day. I say this because everything I have ever seen him produce has been done with an incredible amount of thought and detail. Cinematography is NOT Brad’s job, it’s his passion and you can feel it through his work. If you asked Alisha + Jonathan today if they are glad they invested in this service, I bet their answer would be a million times YES! Grab your tissues and check out their incredibly sweet + special day below.

The Wedding of Alisha + Jonathan.

From the videographer: Brad, Owner of A Contrast in Light LLC : Every day the sunrises and on this 8th day of August, I awoke early to get this particular one. There will never be a sunrise like it ever again and I want the couple to be able to see it. I want this day to blow the couple’s minds away. I get nervous every wedding and call me old fashioned but, I pray for the bride, groom and their families and for the vendors working to make this day extraordinary for them. It takes 20 minutes for the sun to peak out wherever I am shooting and after that… IT’S GO TIME!

This day, in particular, turned out to be an analogy for this life and I wanted to show it in a unique way.  I am all about the journey and telling a story if I can. That’s what engages me and gets my mind on fire but, some things are just out of our control in life. You have plans and hopes and things can change on a dime. On this beautiful day a monsoon swept over the venue and made a mess of things. Everything ran late and everyone was worried about the bride and groom. But, if you look carefully through the storm there was amazing beauty in it. A drop of water on a leaf, water falling from the sky over a lamp post is quite beautiful indeed and I was going to show them how amazingly gorgeous this day truly was. Finally, the storm left, the air was refreshed and everyone was able to celebrate this amazing couple. What I saw was unbelievable. The amazement of new love, the tunnel vision and giddiness of uniting as a team. I was blown away!

From the couple: “Our wedding day turned out to be more magical than we ever imagined it could be. Everything from the smallest details on the tables to our last dance was perfect! We thought the day had taken a turn for the worst when it started pouring, but it ended up making the day more memorable and special. All of our vendors did an amazing job and we feel like we got the absolute best from each one. We couldn’t be more pleased with how our special day turned out.”

More amazing professionals that helped pull this celebration full circle:

Photography: Sweet William Photography

Desserts: NM Pie Company

Coordination: Creative Encore Events

Venue: Expo NM- Villa Hispana

Floral Designs:  Enchanted Garden

Catering:  Mon Amis Personal Chefs

Harpist:  Sandi Ludescher, Ya Gotta Have Harp

Live band: Bandalegre

Get in touch with A Contrast in Light LLC!

Bonus Clip! Check out the behind the scenes editing enthusiasm [We love this!]


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