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Choosing your wedding planner is not an easy task. You have got to make sure not only that you vibe with the person you decide to work with but also that they are capable and willing to follow through with everything that is planned and that they will do it with utmost care and diligence. We have a really awesome (and exciting) new addition to the PWG Family, her name is Tonja Heller with Vivid Affairs Event Planning & Décor. She is somewhat of a newcomer to the wedding industry, so we decided to ask her some questions so that we could really find out what she is all about. Here is her insightful interview where she touches on what fuels her passion to help brides and grooms execute the wedding of their dreams.

Perfect Wedding Guide: Can you share with us a unique wedding experience you’ve had?

Vivid Affairs Event Planning & Décor: Yes, the horrifying day of my own wedding (a brides worst nightmare).

I was engaged to a young man in basic training for the USAF. He was in basic training when he asked me to marry him so I had 3 months to plan. We had a short 4 day window of opportunity to hold the wedding and an extremely low budget with no time to save. Of all places we were living in Nevada. One of the most expensive and fast booking places to get married. It took a month to find a venue and with luck I was able to get in on one of our 4 days only because they had a cancellation not long prior. Luckily they had their own photographer and officiant so that crossed two things of the list. I had little to no time to plan the reception. All venues and DJ’s were booked and far out of my price range so I decided not to have one. (Although, one was thrown together at last minute with a 10 year old boom box, borrowed CD’s and help from my Aunt)

I had little to no help planning the wedding (mostly by choice). Most brides dream of planning their wedding and want things just right (like myself) and to make sure that happens, they don’t want help planning or putting things together (that saying “if you want something done right then do it yourself”). That was my biggest mistake!

The hair/nail salon was a bit behind so they didn’t have time to finish my nails. Although my hair looked nice it was a rush to get done and instead of having pretty nails, they took the acrylic nails off because there wasn’t enough time to fill them and fix the broken ones. {If you know what nails look like when the acrylic comes off you know that’s not a pretty sight.}

By the time I got to the hotel to get ready I had less than 2 hours to get in my gown and to the venue. With my maid of honor gone to pick up the forgotten items I couldn’t do much to get ready and of course she wasn’t ready either!

We had no time for photographs before the wedding (so we did them after the wedding in a rush because the next wedding party was showing up) and to make things worse there was no time for the quick walk through that was supposed to take place. We walked down the aisle and stood in place blindly, not knowing where we were supposed to end.

Although the reception wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, it was really nice. Whoever helped my aunt throw it together (now almost 8 years later and I don’t even know who that was) did a fantastic job.  Although my wedding day didn’t go as smoothly as I anticipated and dreamed it go, it was still my wedding day and the time I got to spend with family and friends is irreplaceable. To this day someone will comment about the events of my wedding day and all we can do is laugh! Mine is as memorable as everyone wants his or her wedding to be just in a different way.

That’s my wedding. Although I’m OK with the way my wedding turned out (for laughing and memory sake) others would regret a day like that for the rest of their lives and that’s why I want to help others plan their special day.

Perfect Wedding Guide: What’s a non-traditional wedding theme that you’ve seen recently that stood out to you?

Vivid Affairs Event Planning & Décor: It’s difficult to pick just one that stands out because all weddings are beautiful and unique in their own way and each one stands out and inspires me in different ways. However, I recently saw a wedding theme that was inspired by Disney. This theme had nothing to do with Disney characters. Instead, it was as if they were inspired by the background images you would see in fairytales minus the castles and characters. The bride bought numerous puzzles with scenery to match this particular vision to use as centerpieces. I would have never thought to use a puzzle for anything at a wedding! Very non-traditional and something I had never seen before. I love the idea!

Perfect Wedding Guide: How long have you been in business and what drives your passion every day?

Vivid Affairs Event Planning & Décor: I have been in business for 6 months. The passion that drives me everyday is simple: I truly enjoy helping others; from planning events to adopting a family for Christmas. For this reason, my prices are lower than most. All I want to do is help. I’m here for whatever assistance or guidance a bride or groom needs; from assisting them in planning the entire wedding or just bits and pieces. Whatever they need I want to be here. I understand the time and dedication it takes to plan a wedding. It is my goal, mission, and purpose to help make your vision come to life. Let me take over the responsibilities (While you remain in complete control) in order to maximize your time and budget and to keep you as stress free as possible.

I currently have a special in place. 15% off any wedding booked before March 31st and I always offer 5% off for every vendor booked that is on my preferred list. That offer extends further when I find a vendor to add to my list while in the course of planning the wedding as well. At the end of the day all I want is for you to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the special moments leading up to the “I do”. Get in contact with me today so we can meet and see if we would be a good fit to work together!

Serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas.

  TONJA HELLER:   505.358.5457 www.vividaffairseventplanning.com vividaffairsepd@gmail.com

We here at the PWG totally agree that the biggest moments in your life should be memorable, not stressful. Don’t try to do it all on your own and make some of the mistakes Tonja did when pulling together her wedding.  Seek out a wedding planner that you not only click with but someone that understands your vision and has the power to bring it to fruition. Don’t give up until you find the perfect professional, make sure to be open and honest with your expectations and start enjoying the actual process of becoming one with your partner.

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