11 Wedding Trend on the Decline

It’s no secret that wedding trends come and go, and today’s modern bride is always searching for new, now, and next. Some trends are going out the window completely, while others are simply evolving with fresh twists on old traditions. Here is a list of 11 wedding trends on the decline as reported by our national wedding expert, Susan Southerland.

What’s OUT: Huge guest lists, in favor of more intimate affairs
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1. Double-Sided Buffets: Many couples are hesitant about buffets to begin with, desiring the more elegant approach of a plated meal. Double-sided buffets may speed up traditional buffet service, but they do take up additional reception floor space because they have to be pulled away from the walls. This can encroach on space that couples could otherwise use to set up unique reception elements, such as a mix of square and round tables or diamond shaped dance floors.

2. Mashed Potato Bars: Who doesn’t love a mashed potato bar, really? This was a tough call, but we are seeing couples mix up their novelty food bars a bit– going with lighter fare, seasonal or regional options, and specialty cuisine (think sushi, yum)!

3. Strangers as Guests: Paring down your guest list to only your closest friends and family will allow you to stretch your budget. Skip the out-of-touch college friends from Facebook, inviting every coworker, or distant relatives– not to mention their dates, some of whom you may not even know. It also allows the couple to spend more time mingling, dancing, and taking photos with their smaller group of guests.

4. Large Bridal Parties: With couples marrying a little later in life, on average, the likelihood of having close siblings, childhood friends, college pals and work buddies to choose from for your bridal party has increased. Large bridal parties can add significantly to wedding expenses such as bouquets, gifts, hair and makeup, etc. They can also potentially make things more hectic on the wedding day, from getting ready to getting down the aisle. We think this is why bridal parties of more than three or four attendants on each side are on the decline.

5. Wildflowers: Here’s a trend that is not fading out entirely, but rather taking on new shapes. With the upshot in the trend towards brunch receptions and garden parties, soft and elegant floral is still in, featuring heartier garden-style cut floral than the daintier field-variety we have seen in recent years.

What’s Coming IN: Garden-style blooms (as shown)
What’s Heading OUT: Dainty wildflower bouquets
IMAGE CREDIT: Blume Photography

6. The Dollar Dance: We have received markedly fewer requests for the Dollar Dance at recent weddings. Some find it lighthearted and in good fun, while others find it flat out tacky to dance for a few dollars. As with all elements of your wedding, trendy or not, it’s how you look at it that counts!

7. Cupcakes as Wedding Cakes: Another trend with a twist, cupcakes are still going strong; however, the standard cupcake tower is being replaced by more creative displays, including miniature cakes and additional pastries (see next trend for details)!

8. Wedding Cakes as Lone Desserts: The lone wedding cake seems to be out of favor for now, with a variety of desserts such as pies, cupcakes, cake pops, tarts, cookies, macarons, donuts and custom ice cream flavors joining the party. A dessert buffet ensures that everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied. Opt for a setup with different levels of cakes stands or tiered trays against a decorative backdrop to really ‘wow’ your guests!

What’s IN: Decadent dessert buffets (as shown)
What’s OUT: Wedding cake as lone dessert
IMAGE CREDIT: Defining Moments by Sheri Marie

Standard Menus: This one is really on the hotel or caterer– as in, offering menus to prospective clients with the standard “one type of chicken” is out. Offering brides sophisticated and personalized options makes all the difference in securing business these days, so be sure to look for a venue that will work with you, within your budget, to create a more personalized menu for you and your guests to enjoy!

10. Bouquet and Garter Toss: This tradition will likely always continue in one form or another, but with many couples opting for more intimate celebrations, that may only leave one or two eligible bachelors or bachelorettes to participate. It’s something to consider ahead of time and perhaps opt instead to do a more symbolic, “honorary” toss to a special person (perhaps a sibling who is engaged).

11. Matching Bridesmaid Dresses: This has been on the decline for a while, but I wanted to give it a nod on this list anyway. Selecting bridesmaids dresses that coordinate in color or fabric, but with necklines, sleeves, and shapes to flatter each individual bridesmaid is not only chic, it is also greatly appreciated! Your girls will look their best and party the day away in greater comfort.

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