A couple interesting current wedding stories.

I was browsing the web last night and I came across two pretty interesting wedding stories that I thought I would share with you all today. The first was about a bride name Chen Ying, a news anchor from China’s Sichuan province who ditched her wedding ceremony to report on a massive earthquake! She is a young journalist and was about to get married when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit her hometown on Saturday morning ( April 20th) . Instead of panicking she grabbed a microphone and started to report on scene. No amount of wedding planning could  adequately prepare a bride for something like this, however if her and her fiance could survive this they could most certainty survive anything life throws at them.

I certainly admire her professional spirit ! 


The second story was a, little more light hearted. The photo was uploaded to the popular social media website Reddit, with a description that read, ” 5 years before my wedding, a friend told my wife that he’d wear a pink dress to our wedding if we ever actually got married.” Here is a photo of him at their wedding.


A very dedicated bride and groomsmen to say the least! For more on everything wedding and a huge directory of wedding professionals near you, visit nm.pwg.com!

Do you have an interesting wedding story to share? Comment below, we love feedback!

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