Wedding/Engagement Photo Picks of the Week- Joni Bilderback


For this weeks wedding/engagement photo pick of the week I am highlighting  the work of local photographer Joni Bilderback. I am a huge fan of what she does – I think she does outstanding work. Everything she photographs exudes natural, organic, true emotion. I don’t know if you all know this about me but I also have a mild infatuation with blur in photos {if it is used correctly}  I think these photos done by Joni Bilderback Photography are a prime example of successful engagement/wedding images because of how she uses the blur to create a profound sense of nostalgia and beauty. Joni Bilderback definitely has a very strong, unique, artistic style and approach which I feel really works to separate her as an artist. If you are looking for a photographer who will watch and capture your big day as it unfolds in a very non-obtrusive way, then Joni is your photographer. Awesome work Joni- Keep it up !

Photo Credit { Joni Bilderback Photography}
Photo Credit {Joni Bilderback Photography }
Photo credit {Joni Bilderback Photography}

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