Wedding planning on a budget: Start early!

The average wedding costs $26,989, and that number is down from the $28,082 in pre-recession 2008. This figure may seem quite expensive to many, and planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult – especially if the couple doesn’t make one prior to wedding planning, according to USA Today.

Kari Nesbitt, 28, realized quickly she was overshooting her $30,000 budget when she opted for a $6,000 wedding dress and was planning for a lavish, gorgeous and elegant reception. She then readjusted – and did not regret a thing.

“We cut the up-lighting. We cut the draping. We cut the special wooden dance floor, and no one missed it,” Nesbitt told the news source.

This happens to many couples, as they find they overindulged on certain aspects of their wedding and they have plenty more to plan. The key to staying in budget is prioritizing. Each couple values a different aspect of a wedding more than other. Pick our the most important parts of the wedding and skip what doesn’t matter.   For more wedding planning tips, visit our Perfect Wedding Guide website.

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