{Guest Post: Mary Pepper} Healthy Relationships 101 pt I

Have you ever wondered how some couples manage to keep their relationship going strong year after year? How do they make it through the valleys and peaks of being together? Let us take the time to explore the couple journey: the joys and beauty of spring time; the sunny, inspiring openness of summer; the abundance of changes in autumn, and the silent, dark nights of the winter season.


Research has identified 8 important traits that couples have in their lifelong, enduring marriage or relationship:

1. Ability to change and adapt to new situations. People change, relationships change- having flexibility helps the relationship stay strong.

2. Commitment and permanence. Commitment to the marriage/relationship as well as to each other is an expectation that the relationship will endure and that divorce/separation is not an option.

3. Trust. Expectation of fidelity in all areas, being absolutely faithful to one another.

4. An awareness that not every difference or difficulty can be resolved.

5. A sharing of some basic values, beliefs and interests.

6. Balance of dependencies. Mutual dependence in the relationship that does not compromise one’s sense of individuality.

7. Good communication skills. Being able to share thoughts and feelings, discuss problems together and listen to the other person’s point of view, and being able to talk problems out.

8. Social support structures. Involvement and participation with one’s family and with the community’s support systems. (Parker, 2001)


How can we strengthen our relationship and hold hands so that we can be together through the seasons of our love? Which of these traits do you have in your relationship? Which ones do you want to work on and develop in your relationship?

During this season of your relationship, take the time to explore the depths of your special love for one another. Grow and develop in deeper waters as you continue with your journey of love and commitment through the seasons of life. Click on www.smartmarriages.com to find a relationship program in your community. It is a great time of the year to make your relationship a priority!


Source: Mary Pepper, guest blogger, www.HealthyRelationships101.com

Mary Pepper, MA

Healthy Relationships 101 offers educational programs for dating, engaged and married couples which will enhance, enrich and strengthen their relationship. Couples will learn about Effective Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution Strategies, Managing Finances, Healthy Intimacy, Personality Traits and Stress Management. The programs provide couples with the opportunity to discover their relationship strengths and growth areas. By analyzing, evaluating and applying some new strategies, skills and techniques, a couple’s relationship can become stronger, healthier and revitalized. Invest your time and energy into taking care of your special relationship! For the rest of your life, your investment will pay off in dividends.

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