Tips on planning a wedding on a budget

Most can agree that they want their wedding day to be everything they ever wanted. Planning a wedding on a budget still allows a bride and groom to have the nuptials of their dreams, but it is important to remember what the budget is, as getting carried away can easily happen, according to The Globe and Mail.

The rule of thumb is to make a budget before anything else, and make sure that the bride and groom stick to it. Prioritize the big day, if a bride loves flowers but isn’t big on dessert, find a way to save a couple dollars here and there, the media outlet reports.

According to the Business Insider, it is equally important that guests of a wedding do not exceed their budget as well. In some instances, bridesmaids are able to say “no” to something that seems a bit to lavish, especially if it leaves a wallet quite thin. Guests can save a couple dollars by buying a gift with a group or only purchase a gift for one event – there is no need to get a separate little something for the wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party and engagement party.

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