How to get rid of wedding jitters

Many brides- and grooms-to be start to get a little bit of wedding jitters before their big day, and sometimes it is simply the product of the stress of planning a wedding. According to eHow, there are some tips that anyone can do to ensure that they are calm for their nuptials.

It is important to find a place when a bride or groom can be by themselves to collect their thoughts. They should remember what brought them up to this point, thinking about favorite moments and also remembering all of the couples who survived a wedding before them, the news source reports.

Surprising enough, sometimes it isn’t even the bride or groom who have the wedding jitters. According to the Bridgewater Patch, a cousin of the bride woke up with a stomach full of anxiety, because she was nervous about the food at the wedding reception venue would not be vegan. Therefore in order to calm the jitters of some of the guests, it is important to make sure to accommodate all people in similar situations.

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