Add cupcakes to your wedding essentials

One of the most important aspects of coordinating a menu for a wedding is often the sweetest – the dessert. And while a healthy percentage of couples opt to serve guests a piece of wedding cake after dinner, it turns out that cupcakes shouldn’t be discounted, either.

In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that these delectable treats are gaining popularity at marital shindigs all around the world. “Whether it is a throwback to childhood or another way to make dessert a little more special and fun, these small cakes are a sweet spot for adults and children,” Kathleen Cella of NDP Group, a marketing research firm, told the news outlet. The news source also reports that brides and grooms are finding unique ways to jazz up their cupcake presentation. These items are often showcased on unique displays and tiered in order to resemble a lavish, unforgettable cake. Lovebirds who are worried about their wedding finances may want to think about serving these small but delicious treats at their own affair. Planning a memorable wedding doesn’t need to break the bank.

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