Wedding Fashion: 5 Smart Ideas for Bridesmaid Dresses

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Throughout the history of wedding planning, bridesmaid wedding fashion has usually served as the main source of contention between a bride and her friends. Luckily, today’s options in bridesmaid attire are more stylish and sophisticated than ever before.

Most bridal wear designers and special occasion boutiques offer wide selections of dresses in a range of price points. Here are five additional tips on how to find dresses that you love-and they’ll want to wear.

  1. Look for Bridesmaid Dresses with Your Girls in Mind
    Consider every body type that you’re shopping for. What looks good on a size 6 isn’t may not be as flattering on a size 16. If your attendants come in a variety of sizes, find dresses with simple silhouettes and clean lines that will work on a variety of frames. Also, your bridesmaids should feel comfortable in the wedding fashion you select. Avoid anything too low cut or with a questionable hemline.
  2. Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Doesn’t Mean Spending the Most Money
    So don’t expect for your attendants to shell out big bucks for their gowns. Chances are they’re running up a pretty large tab with other expenses associated with your wedding events. However, if you are determined to have your girls don dresses that come with a hefty price tag, offer to help pay for a portion of the gown. Their wallets will surely thank you.
  3. Selecting a Practical Style for Your Bridesmaids is Ideal
    For example, a gorgeous a-line dress in a tea-length looks good no matter the function. In other words, find a dress that your bridesmaids can actually wear again.

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