A Mid-west Wedding {Andy + Nick}

Although our Perfect Wedding Guide team is centered in New Mexico, we like to keep up with everything wedding from all over! Nick and Andy had their mid-west wedding in Minnesota last year, and we were inspired by the warmth and love that was captured. Coppersmith Photography caught it all on camera and commented with excitement, “After being together for over a decade, Andy and Nick finally were able to say ‘I-Do!’ legally!”

Take a peek at a small, but life-changing, part of Nick and Andy’s love story…Pautzuk1Nick & Andy

Wedding Date: June 21, 2014

Maple Grove Community Center | Maple Grove, Minnesota 81ran06iqz98kf3bh508_lowPautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0010_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0020_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0027_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0031_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0037_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0040_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0045_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0049_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0053_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0055_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0058_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0060_low  Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0071_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0072_low Pautzke_Willenbring_Coppersmith_Photography_image0074_low// Photographer:  Coppersmith Photography // Caterer: Lookout Bar and Grill // Band: Maiden Dixie // Other Location: Maple Grove Community Center // Other: Maple Grove Town Green // Musicians: Sharon Planer Music // Submitted via Two Bright Lights //

Thank you Erin Whitlock Brown for sharing this on Head Over Heels! Wishing Andy and Nick a lifetime of happiness and joy! For more on wedding and wedding planning visit PerfectWeddingGuide.com!

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