Tell a Story with Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, we can see how all you couples may be very overwhelmed at first. But don’t let the stress get to you; mental breakdowns can be very easily avoided. Take a look at these four easy steps to help you make your wedding more interesting and sentimental for you and your friends and family…

hobbies21. Theme your wedding around your favorite things. Do you like sports? Music? Animals? Spending time outdoors? Show off your hobbies through your décor! What is your favorite food? Serve these dishes and drink cocktails from your favorite tropical island vacation. It is YOUR day. Make it your favorite day!

table2. Name your guests’ tables. Rather than numbering your tables, try naming them after something you enjoy. Make sure to leave a card at each table with an explanation of what the table name means to you. This original idea will be remembered and appreciated by your guests.

3. Create a video or display photos of your relationship milestones. This step doesn’t need very much explanation, other than keep it creative! You can display photos like an art gallery if you are going for a classy atmosphere, or in a slideshow to some great music! Guests love seeing a couples journey together!

place4. Host your wedding somewhere significant to you. Where did you meet the love of your life? Where did you two get engaged? What is your favorite spot to spend time together? All of these places are excellent options for your wedding venue.

Hope these steps have sparked some bright ideas to make your day personal and unique! For more on wedding and wedding planning visit!

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