Wedding Videography Advice From Loving Image Videography & Music

Wedding Videography Words of Wisdom From Loving Image Videography & Music 

Julianna & Kip's Wedding Short Story by Loving Image Videography & Music. Click on the photo to watch their story!
Julianna & Kip’s Wedding Short Story by Loving Image Videography & Music. Click on the photo to watch their story!

Sally Townes, Owner of Loving Image Videography & Music in Albuquerque shared her words of wisdom about wedding videography and tips for brides who are just starting to consider capturing their big day on film. Here is her interview with The Perfect Wedding Guide:

PWG: What are the main reasons that you believe every couple should think about hiring a videographer for their wedding day?

SALLY: To me it’s a no brainer. With videography not only do you get the visual of your wedding, but you get the audio as well – the vows, the well wishes, the music, etc.  You also get to view the final, edited DVD on your own television whenever you want to remember your special day.  So many couples comment when viewing their wedding for the first time that in the hustle and stress of the day, with so many activities going on, they missed or forgot so much of what went on until they saw their DVD.

PWG: What do you see as the upcoming wedding video trends for 2014?

SALLY: Well, New Mexico is a bit behind with regards to videography.  In an age where video is so prevalent on our phones and computers, where even on television many shows feature entertaining videos, it is puzzling to me that New Mexico couples are still undecided about whether to have video or not.  It is a must in most states I’ve lived, as much so as photography or flowers.  So I hope to see a trend in 2014 where more New Mexican couples will choose to have video of their weddings.

PWG: What words of wisdom would you have for brides just now starting to research videographers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe?

Sally: Simply take the time to study the video samples from the different companies to see what stands out for you.  Set aside a time when you can look at some complete examples – where you can hear the actual audio of the ceremony, toasts, well wishes, dances, etc. (not just short stories set to music.)  A fully edited video where the couple chose an all day package is generally edited down to 1 to 2 hours.  Skim through one of these complete examples or watch the whole thing.  Capturing clear and consistent audio is a shortcoming for some videographers.  Dealing with wind noise during outdoor weddings in New Mexico can be a problem.  Sometimes filters have to be added to compensate.  Ask your prospective videographer how they would deal with a windy day.  Also, look at the video to make sure it is not under or over exposed or unstable and jerky.  Look at the editing to see if it is seamless and pleasing.  And finally, please hire a professional, who can not only capture all the video and audio of the day, but edit it all together in a beautiful DVD for you to view time and time again.

Sally Townes with Loving  Image Videography & Music has been in the videography and video editing business since 2007. Loving Image  has an eye for capturing the honest emotion and pure beauty of this most important lifetime event and allows you to go back and relive all of these priceless moments for a lifetime. These are just a few more of the wedding short stories created by Loving Image Videography & Music:

Kasie & Joe’s Wedding Short Story (Chamisa Hills Country Club)

Michelle & Nate’s Wedding Short Story (Hyatt Tamaya Resort)

For more information on wedding videography and for everything else you need to plan your wedding, please visit The Perfect Wedding Guide. 

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