Lucky In Love Couple: Amanda Medina & Philip Vialpando

Lucky In Love

Amanda & Philip Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Lines
Amanda & Philip
Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Lines

Amanda & Philip

“I am the luckiest fiance because I get to marry my best friend and the most amazing father.  My fiance Philip and I have 2 children.  Our oldest is Stephanie who is 5 and our baby is 7 months.  Stephanie is my daughter from a previous relationship, but Philip has loved her as his own.  I have had many struggles with custody, but Philip has stood right by my side and has been my rock.  Stephanie loves Philip more than words can say.  When we are away from him she asks to see his picture on my phone and she will hug it and kiss it.  He has made us feel safe and loved.  Scarlett is our baby and he has been the best stay at home dad during hard times.  She can look at him and light up the room with the smile she gives him.  For these reasons I know I have the best fiance and I could not imagine my life with out my best friend.” -Amanda

Amanda and Philip, thank you so much for your submission to our Lucky In Love competition. Your story is truly heartwarming. Best wishes to you and your family, and congratulations on your engagement!

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