Diet and exercise tips for brides

It is safe to say that a groom-to-be loves his bride-to-be just the way she is, since he proposed an everlasting commitment to her. However, many brides start a full-blown diet and exercise regimen in anticipation of their big day. According to TLC Weddings, there are many safe diet and exercise plans brides can take advantage of that will allow them to shed a few unwanted pounds before they tie the knot.

Wedding planning is stressful enough, but by adding fad diets or unsafe pills to the mix, a bride can really be making some unhealthy choices. So, it is important to be realistic first and foremost. Find a weight loss number that is not too lofty or impossible, and make sure to take into account how much time before the nuptials. If you have two weeks, 20 pounds will not be lost.

Also, when the bride is starting off this plan, it is imperative to find a good way to measure progress – for example, measuring waist, thighs and arms or simply weighing in each week. When it comes to snacking and staying away from junk food, it is advisable to carry a few healthy snacks, so brides do not succumb to any unwanted food.

I hope this advice helps, and remember you are beautiful no matter what!

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  1. It is true that some brides try to lose to much weight to fast right before their wedding. 20 pounds can safely be lost in 6 weeks, I guess the problem is that most brides don’t allow themselves enough time to lose the amount of weight they want to. My sister used a natural herbal supplement called Hoodia Gordonii Plus it seamed to help her a lot.

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