Our day in Santa Fe

Shauna and I spent most of yesterday in Santa Fe and boy did we enjoy ourselves. Not only does Santa Fe capture the feeling of the old southwest, it is truly beautiful! We started off at M & J Bridal Boutique visiting with the owner, Maribel. She shared her experiences in business as well as her future plans. We were very excited to hear of her plans of opening up an event center that will be in the heart of Santa Fe with the hopes of opening in May 2011. We then headed over to Loretto Chapel which is a distributor of our publication. If you are ever able to visit this location make sure to pick up your free copy of Perfect Wedding Guide.

We were then invited to the Courtyard by Marriott Santa Fe  by Marjorie, the wedding coordinator at this venue. We were treated to dinner at their award winning restaurant, the Castle Ranch Steakhouse. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful. I suggest this restaurant especially if you are wanting to enjoy a great steak. We look forward to working with Marjorie in the future as she is truly a knowledgeable person in the wedding industry.

It was an enjoyable day, and we appreciate all of the Santa Fe businesses who are involved in the Perfect Wedding Guide!

Happy Planning,


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  1. My Hat Goes off to Perfect Wedding Guide. It was an awesome dinner, as well as a Brainstorming meeting. As always being with my colleagues in the Industry really gets me pumpt up, I truly love my clients, they are what make me be me. When I started out my boss, Paul Aragon with the Pueblo of Pojoaque took a chance on me by paying for my certifications and having faith in me. I also learned about Catering from the Owner of Luna Mansion, David Scovill. These are people I will never forget, because of the impact they made on my life. Well, Thanks to Paul I found a career that I can engulf myself in. Thank You Paul!!!

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