Bringing color into your wedding

White may be the traditional color of weddings, but many brides are finding ways to incorporate vibrant spring shades and soft pastel hues into their nuptials. Whether it’s the table linens, the bouquet or even the wedding dress itself, brides-to-be are embracing color!

The East Oregonian reports that brides around the country are finding ways to let their personality shine through on their special day using unique hues in unexpected places.

“Brides are embracing color as another way to customize their weddings,” Ray Miller, who runs a website offering wedding ceremony and reception gear, told the paper. “Customizing with color offers brides such a range of creativity. They can choose colors that honor their heritage, evoke the atmosphere of a specific place, or celebrate a memory or experience that is special to the wedding couple.”

Miller suggests that brides pay attention to the seasons when deciding on their wedding color schemes. Winter brides should look toward blues, blacks and purples, while spring brides can select from pinks, greens and yellows. Meanwhile, summer brides have many options, including vibrant shades of red and green. Autumn brides can celebrate the season by sticking to oranges, crimsons and yellows.

However, Miller has only one rule when it comes to colorizing your wedding: “You must love the colors you choose,” he says.

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