Wedding Receptions: 10 Ways to Get Your Guests Involved

The best wedding receptions occur when you can feel the love in the room. It’s magical! You step inside the ballroom and all the guests are engaged. Even if they aren’t on the dance floor, they are swaying in their seats. Every bride and groom wants a wedding reception just like that. Here are my secrets to getting your guests involved in your wedding reception

  1. Start on time: Don’t keep your guests waiting. Sitting around at the ceremony or standing at the cocktail hour (especially outdoors in the heat or cold) for an extended amount of time will frustrate your guests. Frustrated guests typically want to eat, drink and leave.
  2. Interact with your guests: Greet as many as you can and thank them for coming. This thoughtful gesture will make each of your guests feel welcome and loved.
  3. Add personal touches to the wedding: Old photographs, personalized place cards and memorable songs from life’s milestones will engage your guests and draw them into the evening’s activities.
  4. Provide conversation starters: If many of your guests don’t know each other, consider having place cards with trivia questions about you and your groom. Questions like “How did Susie and Bob meet?” “Where did Bob propose?” and “Where are Susie and Bob going on their honeymoon?” will get people talking. Be sure to provide answers on the backs of the cards.

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