Wedding Photography: How to Scout Locations for Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Triple 8 Photography

While women trying to find a wedding photographer often concentrate on a shutterbug’s background and portfolio, there is another vital component to making sure images from one’s special day come out picture-perfect.

In fact, girls who are searching for creative wedding ideas, and are keen with shooting their photos beforehand, have many different options available to them.

According to, brides-to-be may want to head to an amusement park with their photographer weeks before the main event. “As if the bright colors of the attractions weren’t reason enough, heading to one of these spots unleashes your inner kid,” the news source reports.

Also, another great locale for a wedding shoot is a playground. “There’s something so romantic about a newlywed or about-to-be-wed couple swinging side by side in their formal wear,” according to the news outlet.

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